About Me

About Carlie Maree

I’m Carlie Maree and I have the absolute best job in the world. I get to live my passion every day and inspire others to live theirs.

My passion is connecting with lovely, heart-centered, soul-driven women and helping them to find themselves and follow their dreams.

Three years ago I was a new mum, completely smitten with my baby girl, but also quietly wrestling with the loss of my career as I had known it.

I didn’t want to leave my baby with someone else but I also craved the connection, stimulation and satisfaction that came from having something outside of being ‘mum’.

I started a home based admin business and I loved that I was able to juggle my competing priorities and be a ‘hands-on’ mumma while also using my brain in a different way AND contributing to my family income.

Just like any working mum, I had to navigate things like parental guilt, time management, work-life balance, self belief, self care as well as the logistics and processes involved with setting up and running a small business.

It’s been quite a journey and one that I wouldn’t change for the world… as it’s led me to something bigger and better – becoming a qualified life and career coach, something which challenges me and enriches my soul every day.

I believe that you can infact ‘have it all’, whatever that means to you. Whether its seeking out flexible work, or launching and running your own business, I take pride in being able to empower, inspire and enable women by providing support and encouragement as well as practical tools, tips and strategies.

Are you a mum who’s wanting more? Or yet to start a family but want to set a career path that will allow you to do so without getting lost/stuck?

Do you need to find some clarity in the chaos? Wanting to seek out some joy in your juggle?

Get in touch to talk about coaching or check out one of my workshops.