A done something is better than a perfect nothing.

I was lucky enough to attend a Q&A with writer Gerard Elson yesterday. Gerard is an Interviews Editor, has won a bunch of awards, is friends with Nick Cave and has recently been commissioned to write a biography.

And – what stood out to me the most in his interview, was when he said that every time he’s been given a great opportunity his first instinct has been to say “Here’s ten people who would probably do a better job than me”.

When quizzed further about this, he said “You always feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. But it gets done, and it’s usually ok.”

That really stuck with me. So even when you’ve achieved some pretty impressive goals and people seem to think that you knowing what you’re doing, it’s quite normal to still question everything and whether what you’re creating it is in fact utter crap.

I suppose that’s part of being in a creative field. What you create is always imperfect – it could always have been better, or different in some way.

It made me wonder whether anyone really feels like they’ve ‘made it’ in their field. I suppose that’s how we grow. We keep striving for new goals. How refreshing if we can refrain from comparing ourselves to others and instead strive to be better than we were yesterday.

It’s nice to sit and reflect on how far I personally have come. I never would have imagined that anyone would be interested in reading my little ramblings, let alone being published on sites like Huffpost and getting emails from readers all over the world. I am so glad that I have been able to push past that self-doubt and, like Gerard, have a crack at creating something decent. As they say, a pretty good something is much better than a perfect nothing.

Much love, Carlie xx

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