Energy Management for Mums

(Hint: None of them are coffee!)

Do you feel like you never have enough time to do the things you want to do? Or is it really about energy?

In the three part live online workshop we will go deep on three major factors that naturally have a huge effect on your energy and your ability to get things done.

People… Does time with groups of people drain you or energise you? Do certain people lift you up, while others subtley pull you down? We’ll explore how, why and what to do about it.

Places… Your environment has a huge effect on your energy. Is clutter keeping you stuck? How can you clear the energy around you to shed what’s pulling you down?

Oh yeah… and your Period. What???
Bear with me… My life changed when I became aware of my cycle and how it effects your energy. My to-do list is always built with my cycle in mind. Some weeks are best for brainstorming, some for positive action, some for communicating and some for clearing the clutter – physically AND mentally!

This is life changing stuff. If you’re feeling stuck and know you’re capable of more in this life, then tune in.


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