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 I never really understood what “coaching” was all about, but something inside me thought it was worth exploring. Well I am stoked that I followed my instincts. Through coaching with Carlie, I have gained many essential skills required to set the foundations of my own business, and in everyday life. I have an understanding of my inner self and can accept and appreciate myself for who I am, rather than focussing on all the things I don’t like about myself and “should” be doing better. Carlie offered constructive feedback specific to concerns, queries or experiences that I was dealing with, and it was so refreshing to be able to confide in a person who had my best interest as their sole objective, without emotional influences that family and friends have, without even meaning to.

Thank you Carlie, this series has opened my eyes to a new way of approaching life, you have empowered me!

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Susie Leversha, Photographer
Imogen Martin TestimonialCarlie you have incredible passion and boundless energy for me and my business.

About Carlie: She makes me feel like I am her only client because of her amazing attention to detail. She has the ability to seamlessly switch between micro and macro strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for my business. She helps me to create and nurture my vision and strategy as well as incredibly useful tactics and ideas- many of which come from her extensive experience in HR, coaching and her own business ventures.

Carlie is great at bringing me back on to the purpose that I originally set out for myself and my business when I started. Which can be easy to forget what I am aiming for when neck deep in business plans, service delivery and invoices etc.

Her infectious enthusiasm for growth and achievement, with her persistent calls to action are keeping me focused and believing that I can reach my personal, professional and financial goals. Each time something new happens for my work, I end up feeling so excited to tell her when I have made progress because Carlie is so generous, supportive and excited for me.

After my 3rd coaching session I am already about 4 weeks ahead of my financial goal to earn 50% of my income from my own small business! I am so unbelievably happy…

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Imogen Martyn, Yoga Teacher
 Kate Anderson TestimonialAs a stay at home mum the job market is extremely hard to get back into. Then I spoke to Carlie. She listened to me & wrote a resume that said all I wanted to say and then some. Carlie put down the things I knew I had achieved & some I didn’t even believe I had from one conversation.

I’ve had all the things I’ve done in my life particularly the last 10 years swirling around in my head trying to get it down into a resume that could impress that would see me for who I am & what I have accomplished.

I knew it was all there. I had no idea how to make it credible even though I knew it was. I’ve tried help from professionals to get down a resume that said ‘this is Kate Anderson’ They all fell short & I was frustrated.

I needed help putting into words the unique quality I have to offer Carlie gave me the inspiration and words to do that.

Thank you very much Carlie.

Kate Anderson, Events Waitress and Mum to 3 year old Viper
Thank you Carlie for your coaching that helped me to talk through so many obstacles and opportunities in my business that I wasn’t getting anywhere with on my own. You helped me to see the gold in every setback and to take advantage of the resources I didn’t realise I had at my disposal. In our first session you had me acknowledge how far I had come with my goals already and that was really powerful for me, it’s nice to also be reminded of my strengths. You helped me connect with my Why and believe that there are people that really needs my unique gifts. Thanks to the homework that you set me each session I achieved more than I would have thought possible. I love your creative ideas, your passion and your warmth. I get the feeling you really love what you do and I know that so many women like me will benefit from having you as their coach.

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Bec Heelan, Personal Trainer


I enjoyed talking about my business and about ways I could organise my life better. It made me feel more in control. Also it was just nice chatting – I found our sessions very relaxing and saw it as some me time!

You have also provided me with some great advice which I still use (well sometimes). Like eat the frogs first – so I try and get the unpleasant tasks out of the way first.  You also made me realise that I have a lot of negative self talk which I am still working on and that what I perceive and tell myself is happening might not be the case.

That video you sent me about woman selling was ingenious and even though I still struggle with the concept I have actually taught a few others this!  I also try working in meditation, time for myself and planning my week on the lovely planner you gave me into my schedule.  I also like that we could talk about all areas of life not just business including lifestyle and diet which was very helpful.

Carlie is very easy to get along with and she makes me relax instantly. She has very good tips and ideas on anything from healthy eating to business goals to time management.  And what I liked most about her is that she shares in the joy of your success – she loves seeing her clients do well and succeed!

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Claudine Nel, Graphic Designer