Harmony bundle (calming, peace, grounding, relaxation)


Harmony tea, harmony oil and an aventurine bracelet.


Harmony tea, harmony oil and an aventurine bracelet.

All designed to help you slow down and find calm in your chaos.

Harmony tea

Calm the mind and find peace with Harmon Tea. The jasmine-rose aroma soothes the soul and the colourful mix of herbs are traditionally used to destress.

Ingredients: Rose, linden (lime blossom), lavender, jasmine, orange, lemon balm, passionflower.

Harmony oil

A relaxing blend designed to promote calm, positivity and peace. Simply add a few drops to your favourite diffuser.

Contains a mix of pure essential oils, including lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense and cedarwood.


Aventurine allows one to release old patterns and embrace change. It attracts luck and promotes positivity and openness. It is ideal for calming a quick temper and dissolving conflict.