Love bundle (mindfulness, presence, support, self love)


Love tea, love oil and a rose quartz bracelet.


Love tea, love oil and a rose quartz bracelet.

Stuck in your head? This bundle is designed to help you come down into your heart space, to connect with yourself and others.

Love tea 50g

The herbs in this tea have been used for centuries to promote calm, mindfulness, connection and the ability to be fully present in the moment.

Ingredients: Organic chamomile, hibiscus, raspberry leaves, orange peel, rose petals, lavender.

Love oil 17ml

A grounding blend to promote presence, connection and mindfulness. Simply add a few drops to your favourite diffuser.

Contains a mix of pure essential oils, including lavender, rosewood, bergamot and ylang ylang.

Rose Quartz

The stone of the heart, Rose Quartz carries a soft feminine energy of peace, empathy, compassion and connection. It promotes love, intimacy, contentment and personal fulfilment.