Booklet – Soul Cycles


Multimedia booklet.

Soul Cycles: Ancient wisdom. Feminine power. Hidden magic.




Warning: This gorgeous little multimedia ebook will seriously change the game for you and your life.

Ancient wisdom. Feminine power. Hidden magic.

Every four weeks you become four different versions of yourself. Each version of you has a multitude of different strengths, weaknesses, ups, downs, moods, mindsets, energies and outcomes.

Being aware of this, seeing it coming, shifting your approach, accepting your natural way of being and channeling the unique and beautiful energy of each phase will seriously change the way you look at yourself and your potential.

Of all the lessons I have learned and taught over the years, this is the one that elevated me the most. My career, my business, my relationships, my friendships, my parenting, my wellbeing. It has played out in every aspect of my life in every way.

This ebook explains it all in a way that makes sense and that you can apply, starting now. Ancient wisdom playing out in modern day life.

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