Summer intensive = an intense summer

Three weeks of uni, 8 hours a day, an hour from home, in the middle of January, at 35 weeks pregnant.

What was I thinking? Ha!

Well, I suppose I was thinking ‘this will be a challenge but it’s a great opportunity and surely I can manage it.’

And I did… just.

The hardest part was being away from my girl. To the full time working parents, hats off to you. No one should have to be away from their babies that much, all the time. (I also share my baby with her dad on weekends). I missed her like crazy.

Then there was the exhaustion. I’d come home from a 10 hour day, waddle around the backyard with my girl, playing pet shops and trying to soak up every minute of quality time with her. Then after I’d tuck her into bed, I’d pack customer orders, do the pays etc for my partner’s business, then log on and work on my assignments – all while growing a tiny human in my belly.

Crazy? Maybe. Challenging? Certainly.

Was there anything I loved about it? Absolutely. I got to write, heaps. I wrote some things I’m really proud of. I had an intense learning experience and I’m now closer to achieving my degree, something I never thought I’d be doing as a mother of one (and a bit).

So, besides how to write a killer short story, what did I learn?

1. I’m not superwoman. I’m capable of a shit tonne of things, but there is a limit and I found it. At times I’ve felt mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted all at once. Thank god for mums cooking and Darren’s massages.
2. My kid is a legend. She came with me a few of the days and was pretty amazing. Having her beside me did not hold me back in the slightest. And she totally got a kick out of going to uni with mum.
3. I’ve got some sensational people in my life who are happy to step up and help out. Aria had some amazing adventures with people who love her. Thanks legends.
4. It’s now time for some self imposed maternity leave. Me and my girl, hitting the beach and prepping for our new little family member’s arrival. Bliss.

Much love, Carlie.

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