The book that changed everything.


I don’t remember exactly how the book ‘Parenting by Heart’ found it’s way into my hands around 2.5 years ago, but I am so very grateful that it did. I was a sleep deprived new mother, confused and overwhelmed, trying to figure out how to get this tiny creature I adored to stop crying all the time, day and night.

Having unsuccessfully attempted to follow the strict regime recommended by a so called ‘Baby Whisperer’, I was feeling like a failure. I was told that my baby would never sleep if I wasn’t ‘strong enough’ to leave her to cry alone, yet every cell in my body was telling me to just pick my daughter up and comfort her.

At this point I came across Pinky McKay’s book and as I read it through my 3am haze, something clicked. The book is designed for parents who are in that same scary spot I was. Its style is honest, no-nonsense, heartfelt and genuine. Pinky makes it very clear to her reader that what they are feeling is ok. That your innate desire to comfort your baby is more than ok, in fact it’s how we are designed, and no, it will not ‘spoil’ your child.

I loved the feeling of nursing my child to sleep. Watching her little eyelids blissfully flutter closed as her belly filled with milk. As a new mother being given permission to forget the rules and trust your intuition is incredibly powerful and it is something that I have carried with me since. It’s an affirmation that I have applied in my career, relationships and life decisions and it’s empowered me to shake off my fears and back myself.

The effect this has had has been monumental. I’ve not only learned to parent by heart, but to live by heart too.

Note: I wanted to add that I am not an affiliate for Pinky and have received no payment for this article, I actually wrote this piece as part of a uni assignment and wanted to share it with you also. If you do want to check out Pinky’s books you can do so here.

Much love, Carlie xx

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