Three traits of a great resume writer

A caring nature

Great resume writers are genuinely in it to help people. They need to be able to draw information out of a person in a really natural way. Are you the person people want to come and talk to about things? Great! When people come to you for a resume they are often at a pivotal point in their life. You have the honour of being with them on part of that journey. If you can be patient, nurturing and a good listener, you’ll find it easy to really draw out the information that is important.

People generally aren’t good at writing about themselves. Do you always look for the good in people? That’s what a resume writer needs to do. You look for what’s great about each person and you put it into their resume. It’s actually a really beautiful thing to be able to do for someone. There is nothing I love more than getting an email back from a client saying ‘Wow, you make me sound so awesome! I’m feeling so much more confident now, thank you!’

Well organised

As a resume writer you work 100% for yourself and your clients. There is no boss saying you need to do certain things at a certain time. You may have many clients on the go at once. You’ll need to be well organised and set goals for yourself to get your resumes to your clients. You’ll also need to keep track of where each of your clients are at. Some might be still gathering info, some might be reviewing their first draft – they may need prompts from you or help to work through it.

If you have a system where you regularly check in with each client, then you can provide a great service that ensures you guide them through the process easily and efficiently. Enabling you to help more people in the week, and of course ensure those sales keep coming in!

Attention to detail

Do not confuse attention to detail with perfectionism. Perfectionism is not a virtue. Perfectionism is paralysing. As a resume writer you need to get things done. You need to have a knack for spotting something that doesn’t look right. You need to enjoy creating something beautiful and new. You have to feel a sense of pride in your work. Do you have to be a grammar nazi? No. So often, I am searching online to check the correct way of writing a particular word or phrase. That’s totally ok! A willingness to learn and a desire to continually be better is what’s important.

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