Why Words Work

Isn’t it amazing how things just happen as they are supposed to, despite your best efforts?

I’ll explain.

Over the last three weeks I have been doing a summer intensive and one of the subjects I was doing was Writing for Performance. I learned about speechwriting, radio, screenwriting, poetry and more. It was great.

Until I was asked to ‘perform’ something I had written. Eek.

Now, I’d had a really challenging week at this point. Some massive family stuff was happening and I was feeling a bit anxious about a number of things. So, I decided to choose something easy. I read out a letter I’d written a week or so earlier, A Letter to Fear.

I walked into the room feeling really tense, but I got in the zone and read out my piece as if I was performing it on a stage. It took maybe a few minutes, but I was amazed at how different I felt afterwards.

Writing those words, those promises to myself, was one thing. But standing up and saying them out aloud was a whole other experience. I felt the shift, both emotionally and physically, within myself. I felt positive and powerful.

It reminded me why affirmations are so, well… affirming. Internet memes can get a pretty bad wrap, and I agree that they can get a bit overdone. But there is truly something powerful about great words, when used as an emotional anchor.

In the lead up to the birth of my second child, I am beginning to collect the positive affirmations that I will be focussing on to get me though the very intense process of bringing my baby out into the world. I remember how overwhelming the sensations can be, and I know that my mindset will be such an important factor in achieving my the experience I hope for.

I can’t help but wonder if the universe gave me the week that it did, to remind me that I am one resilient little chickadee, and that inside there somewhere I have everything that I need.

Much love, Carlie.

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